Opening a Can (of Tuna) — Lesson Two

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In the last online lesson, you learned how to boil water. And, fortunately, how to do something useful with it. Now you’re going to learn to open a can — and do something with its contents.

Start with a can of tuna. For this lesson, you are going to need a can of Albacore (preferably) tuna, some mayonnaise, a stalk of celery, a little chopped onion or onion powder, some sweet pickle relish or a small sweet pickle, a lemon, salt and pepper, paprika, a little mustard, and some parsley.

You also need a bowl to mix all this stuff in, a knife to cut up some of the ingredients, and some bread if you’re going to make a sandwich.

This lesson consists of gathering the ingredients and following the instructions shown on the Tuna Salad page. Once the tuna salad is made, you can either eat it as a salad, maybe over some lettuce, or make a sandwich. For the sandwich, I prefer mayonnaise and lettuce on the sandwich; sometimes adding slices of tomato makes it a little more special and tasty.

Notice near the end of the Tuna Salad page I list some potential modifications to the recipe. Try some of these, and see if you come up with a version of tuna salad you like better. Don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s part of the fun of cooking!

Now you can boil water and open a can. And do something useful with these new talents. Speaking of opening cans, my Tamale Casserole is mainly that. Want to try it for dinner?

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