Potato Pancakes

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This has got to be the best thing you can do with leftover mashed potatoes. It just takes a few minutes, and can turn any breakfast (or dinner) into a treat.

Of course you don’t have to use leftovers. But for me, if I’m going to have them for breakfast, leftovers should already be in the fridge or forget it.

All you have to do is mix an egg into the mashed potatoes (assuming about a cup or so of potatoes), and then fry them in a little vegetable oil/butter mixture on the griddle or in a frying pan. The butter added to the oil adds flavor and color, and the oil keeps the butter from burning as easily.

Sprinkle a little nutmeg over them before serving. I’ll tell you, the crisp outside with the creamy soft inside and the delicious flavor makes these hard to beat!

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