Blackeye Peas

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Especially on New Year’s Day I get requests for blackeye peas from folks who want good luck for the coming year. And every year I try to make them taste good, and don’t succeed very well. So I usually recommend making hoppin’ john instead.

But hoppin’ john, as delicious as it is, is still more work than opening a can. So I experimented with seasonings, and was making pretty good progress, and then things changed.

I tried a can of Bush’s Blackeye Peas, already seasoned with their secret recipe. Now I don’t need a recipe; I have theirs in a can. No, I don’t know the recipe, and don’t care. It’s too easy to open the can and heat.



If it’s available, you might like Glory Blackeye Peas even better, although they might not be as easy to find as Bush’s. Personally, these are my favorites.

I even avoided the trouble of making hoppin’ john this new year’s day. I got some ham steaks, instant rice, and a can of Glory Blackeye peas. In no time I had a meal that every one raved about. And we didn’t miss a minute of football! (Click on the small photos to see a larger version.)



Now we eat blackeye peas even on other days of the year. Try it, you’ll like it. And you get good luck besides!


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