Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

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I get hungry just looking at this picture.

You can use a skillet or a griddle for this, but you have to spread butter or mayonnaise on the top side after it’s cooking, so the griddle makes it easier not to burn you knuckles on the side of the skillet.

Ah, you noticed I said butter or mayonnaise. Ten million recipes tell you to use butter, and you can if you want to. But to me, the mayonnaise is easier to spread, it tastes better, and look at the beautiful golden color it gets when it fries.

I like mayo also on the inside, but that’s up to you. The procedure is to make the sandwich with whatever filling you want (peanut butter is great, and so are tomatoes and cheese, or just cheese), spread butter or mayo on one side, put it on the hot grill (medium hot) and spread butter or mayo on the top side (here’s where the mayonnaise wins the easy to spread award) while the bottom is browning.

This is good any time day or night. If there is leftover ham in the fridge, I’m likely to have this beauty for breakfast.

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