BBQ Pork Sandwich

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I made these out of a couple of leftover pork chops for a delicious lunch during the halftime of a football game. Very easy and very good. Of course you don’t have to use leftovers. You can always buy a few chops and cook them first. But somehow pork brought home from the market seems to get used for some other recipe first.

One of the keys to the flavor here is to grill the bread. You can use French bread, but here I just used good old sandwich bread. I spread it with mayonnaise (or butter, if you prefer) and put it on the griddle (or in a frying pan) until it gets nice and toasty brown.

I chopped up the pork and put it in a sauce pan with some barbeque sauce. You can use bottled or make your own.

Serve the pork and sauce on the toast with a little salad or chips on the side, maybe with some pickles. Makes a delicious and quick lunch before the second half starts!

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