Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) Sandwich

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Frying bacon to make a sandwich is some trouble. But let’s face it, a BLT is worth the effort. But now, even that step is no longer necessary.

Hormel (and maybe some others) now packages pre-cooked bacon in a re-sealable bag! Hurry to your nearest CostCo and get some. Now you can have this delicious sandwich on the spur of the moment.

If you want the bacon warm, you can nuke it for a few seconds. Otherwise, all you need is bread, mayonnaise, lettuce, the bacon, and salt and pepper.

If you do have to cook the bacon, a microwave will still make it pretty fast and painless. Just wrap a couple of slices of bacon in a few layers of paper towel, and cook on high for two or three minutes. Since microwaves are different, you will need to proceed a minute or so at a time to watch the progress. When you find the right time, remember it. Or write it down.

I have to admit, the sandwich shown in the photo was for breakfast. Why not? The breakfast police were nowhere in sight, I had already taken the bacon out of the fridge and was reaching for an egg when I spotted the leftover tomato. Bingo!

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