Southwest Salad

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OK, I admit that the idea for this salad came from Jack-In-The-Box. But their salad was very good, and I made it at home for those who hadn’t had it at JBox yet and got lots of complements. With quesadillas on the side, this recipe made a great and fairly light supper. Easy to fix, too.

You need tortilla chips to sprinkle over the salad, either out of a bag or home made. Obviously the bag is easier, and there are many chips to choose from. Get your favorite, and I’m sure it will work fine. If you fry up some on the spot, however, you will be very pleased with the results, whether you use corn or flour tortillas.


torn lettuce, preferably iceberg
chopped tomato
pitted black olives
red onion slivers
chopped jalapeños (optional)
chopped cilantro
whole kernel corn
canned black beans (preferably Bush’s)
ranch or blue cheese dressing
tortilla strips or chips


Toss ingredients with dressing and top with tortilla chips. Serve with warm buttered tortillas or quesadillas.

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