Red Onion Salad

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OK, I’ll admit that this simple salad is a takeoff on one of our favorites at Morton’s. But this one is a LOT cheaper!

To make the salad, you really only need a few ingredients. Obviously, you need a red onion. However, it is unfortunately true that most red onions have a very strong flavor, and can mask the sweet taste of the onion that you want.


The solution is to soak the onion slices in cold water and white vinegar for a while (like 1/2 hour). This will leave the sweet onion taste and also crisp them up nicely.

We like blue cheese, oil and vinegar, sliced tomatoes, and parsley on this salad. It is also yummy to use a blue cheese or ranch dressing, either with or without the oil and vinegar.

I seem to recall that when I was in Hawaii some time back we used to call the combination of blue cheese dressing and oil and vinegar as “kanaka” dressing. You Hawaiians out there can let me know if I remember correctly or not…

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