King Crab Legs

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Here’s an elegant but easy feast for special occasions. Better plan on $10 or more per person. But that’s still cheap compared with the cost of such a nice dinner out.

Most of the time, the king crab legs are available already cooked. We get ours at CostCo, and while you’re there, grab a bag of dinner rolls, some butter, and some wine.


1 crab leg per person
3 tablespoons butter per person
1 garlic clove per person
rolls and wine


You’ll need a big pot to warm up or cook the crab legs. Even in my largest pasta pot, I need to cut most of the legs in half with kitchen shears. Put a little water in the pot, and steam the legs for 10-15 minutes to warm up pre-cooked legs, or 20-30 minutes to cook raw ones.

You’ll need nutcrackers or crab crackers to break the legs, and little forks to get the meat out. Melt some butter and add garlic to make a sauce to dip the meat in. Garnish platter with parsley, if you wish. Serve with rolls, wine, and a simple salad.

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