Corned Beef Hash

All, Beef & Veal

I usually make corned beef hash out of leftover corned beef, but if you need to make a huge amount for a crowd, you obviously can start from scratch.

As you can see below, I start with roughly equal volumes of potatoes, beef, and onion.



This is a pretty simple recipe. Dice everything and fry it in the skillet with some oil and butter. Add salt and pepper and you’re done. If you’re new to dicing, take a look at dicing onions for some tips.

The reason I mentioned oil and butter is that when browning vegetables, butter adds color and flavor. But by itself it burns easily. So a combination of oil and butter is easier to manage.

Here’s an important point. This is an easy way to make hash, and it doesn’t need to be corned beef. You can make delicious hash out of almost any leftover meat, including roast beef, ham, or chicken.

When serving hash, some people swear by dousing it with catsup, and I agree, that’s very good. Tabasco also kicks it up a notch, to borrow a phrase from Emeril. To learn to cook you mustn’t be afraid to experiment. Of course it doesn’t always work. Once I had to throw a chicken away and then dig into the freezer for something else to eat. But try to pay attention to the food; don’t waste it by talking on the phone until you smell the smoke… 

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