Egg and Poblano (or Anaheim) Chile

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This dish is to show you an example of a delicious breakfast that can be made quickly in one pan. And the variations are practically endless. Look what you have in the fridge and invent.

For this breakfast, I had leftover Poblano chiles, but it could just as easily been another variety, like Anaheim (or California) Green chiles. Either of those varieties will do fine. However, both of them need to be roasted and peeled if they are fresh chiles. Canned chiles are ready to eat out of the can.

The chile had already been prepared, but if it hadn’t, it would only take an extra 15 minutes to roast and peel it. I slit it open, removed the seeds and ribs, and stuck in a stick of string cheese (Mozzarella) broken in half. The two pieces fit perfectly. I could as easily used any good melting cheese, like Jack or Cheddar.

I just laid the chile in the hot frying pan while I heated a little puddle of olive oil and butter to fry the egg. I cooked the egg a couple of minutes on one side, turned it and the chile over, and cooked them another minute or two. By now the cheese was melting in the chile, as you can see in the photo. A plate, fork, hot sauce, coffee, juice, and my day was off to a great (gourmet) start! (Lo carb, too…)

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