Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

All, Eggs & Cheese

One of the great benefits of fixing corned beef is using the leftovers to make corned beef hash. And one of the best times to eat corned beef hash is for breakfast.

Most cooks make fried eggs to go with hash, so that you have the yolk available to run into the hash like a sunny gravy.

You also have the option of serving them separately as shown on the right, or placing the egg(s) on top of the hash.

You can also get lazy and cook the whole thing in one skillet, as shown below. Naturally, more eggs could be added as necessary. The reason there’s so much hash in this photo is because I was making it at the time, and so there’s plenty for both breakfast and leftovers.




Don’t be afraid to combine things in the same skillet. I do it all the time, including a piece of bread, sausage, bacon, or whatever I have on hand.

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