Grilled French Bread

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Sometimes a baguette or loaf of French bread needs a little more than just butter. And if you’re not up for garlic bread, and don’t want to heat up the broiler, here’s an easy solution.

For this bread, I slice the baguette on a steep diagonal, to make the slices fairly large. Then I butter them, and put them on the griddle or in a skillet over moderate heat. Keep checking them regularly so they don’t burn.

The ones in the photo were made with mayonnaise instead of butter. Everyone was crazy about them (I served them with steak, Easy Cheesy Potatoes, and salad). Although I use mayonnaise to brown grilled sandwiches, I think I prefer the flavor of butter in this case. Try both and decide. Or don’t decide.

This is also an easy way to make the toast slices (called croutons) for French Onion Soup.

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