Salami & Provolone Snack

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Here’s a recipe for a fast, easy appetizer that everyone I know likes.

The reason this is so easy is that Gallo sells a package that contains pre-sliced Italian Dry Salami and Provolone cheese. It should be hanging on a peg in the deli section of your supermarket. (Gallo spells salami with an “e” on the end, which irritates my spell checker. But I’m sure you’ll find it without any trouble.)


As shown in the photo, use some crackers that are about the same size or larger than the salami slices. Because the cheese slices are the same size, and hide the salami, I tear them into pieces so you can see the salami underneath.

Now microwave these for about 15 seconds, depending on how many you make at a time. When the cheese melts, you’re ready to go. Sprinkle them with your choice of paprika, hot salt (shown in photo), or red pepper flakes.

Easy and yummy!

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