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This is probably the number one quick snack around here. But we also frequently make them for breakfast, appetizers, or a fast lunch.


You can either start with cooked or uncooked flour tortillas. I usually prefer the uncooked, but for quesadillas it doesn’t make much difference.

It can’t get much easier than this: heat up the griddle or large frying pan, put in a tortilla, sprinkle grated cheese over one half, fold it, and wait a minute or two. Flip it over for another minute and it’s done.

Sometimes we also add jalapeños. You can also add cooked chicken shreds, or chopped tomato, onion, and/or green chiles. All these are great. You can also season the finished quesadilla with salt, Tabasco, Herdez salsa (red or green), or whatever else you like.

Experiment and enjoy. If you’re a beginning cook, make this your first project!

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