Jalapeno Peanut Butter Boats

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OK, it seems strange, but once you taste these appetizers, you’ll believe. And they are always a big hit with our guests (well, maybe not all our guests).

The photo shows home-grown and pickled jalapenos, but most of the time, most people, including me, use pickled jalapeños that come in a jar or can.

This is one of Cooking Dude’s recipes that got published in the local paper when they had an article on appetizers!

Most recipe books tell you to wear rubber gloves when handling chiles, and to be on the safe side, so will I. But frankly, working with gloves on is very difficult, and if you are going to itch your eye either with or without gloves on, you probably won’t do it again. When you’re finished, wash your hands and you can scratch all you want. BTW, if you do get some juice in your eye, flushing it with water is the best remedy. If you can’t get your head under the faucet, splash the water in your eye with your hand. You can clean up the mess later.


Anyhow, this is really easy. Slit the peppers lengthwise, and scrape out the seeds and the membranes the seeds are attached to. Now you can either leave them as is, or you can make them milder by rinsing them under a stream of water. Fill each one with your favorite peanut butter, and enjoy! Keep some extras on hand, because you will likely get requests for an encore.

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