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Mr. John Choisser (aka Cooking Dude) received his degree in electrical engineering at the University of Arizona, and took graduate courses in mathematics at Syracuse University. He is an Air Force veteran, having been an officer in the Data Processing Branch of the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate of Rome Air Development Center, Griffiss AFB, New York. Upon leaving the service, he was awarded the Air Force Systems Command Award for Scientific Achievement. In his business career, his work involved the development of low-light-level sensors for military and scientific uses. He is one of the co-inventors and developer of the Digicon, the multi-channel photon counting image tubes used in both of the original Hubble Space Telescope spectrographs. He was awarded special recognition for this work by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. His longest career was designing and building industrial versions of the IBM PC. An early project was with Teledyne Ryan, helping with the design of the cockpit data recorder for the Boeing 747. His subsequent work with industry and the military resulted in the use of Microsoft DOS and Windows in a wide variety of non-desktop applications. He was editor-in-chief of the Windows CE Tech Journal, a Miller-Freeman publication.

His hobbies have always been airplanes, gardening, cooking, and golf. Writing has been a life-long pursuit, now more for pleasure than for business. Today his books involve cooking, aquaponics, and books intended to induce curiosity and wonder in young people about math, science, and engineering. To learn more about John Choisser and to see the books he has written, please visit this website.

John Choisser is also the founder of Readerplace Books, LLC. The mission of Readerplace is to provide authors an affordable alternative to the conventional publishing industry for their EBooks and print books. To learn more about Readerplace, please visit this website. 

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What We Offer

Easy to Follow Recipes

Easy to follow cooking instructions to make a variety of  dishes including appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, veggies, main courses, and desserts.

Cooking Tutorials

Go to our Tutorial section to begin your cooking lessons. Each lesson is easy to follow, and will give you another set of cooking methods to use in the future.

Tasty Meals

All of our recipes are tried and true! You will be treating yourself to much better food than takeout…and more fun…and cheaper! You’ll impress yourself, family, and friends!

Kitchen Survival Guides

If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn more than just kitchen survival. You will discover that you can have fun cooking really good food for you, your family, and your guests.

Authentic Cuisine

Cooking Dude is not just one type of food expert; you’ll see examples of Chinese, Mexican, Greek, French, good old American, and more. Like Russian, Italian, and Thai.

Cook Books & More

Cooking Dude has written a variety of cook books including our best seller Learning to Cook 101 and our latest Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine.

What People are Saying

“Helpful, fun and interactive!”

“As a 23 year old learning to live and cook on my own, I couldn’t find this book more helpful. It’s fun, interactive and written by a really smart and witty man! I can see people from both young and old generations loving it just as much as I do. Thanks for the advice and knowledge!”

– Review for Learn to Cook 101

“Great book for all those who are not born with great cooking skills.

“Great book, very practical and easy to read. You start with some thing very basic and then build upon that skill, until you start cooking different dishes. I would recommended to any one who’s cooking skills are not that great, like myself.”

– Review for Learn to Cook 101

“Funny, but actually filled with really good recipes.”

“I expected to get a chuckle out of this book, but I was surprised at how good the recipes are. The recipes are easy to execute, don’t use hard to find ingredients and are delicious. And the book is also filled with dozens of tips that make your cooking better… Buy it for a laugh, but you’ll keep it for the food.”

– Review for Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine

“Delicious and easy. What more could you want?”

“Really good recipes, without having to track down hard to find ingredients. It’s always nice to be able to cook right out of the pantry and end up with a healthy and tasty meal. Great job Cooking Dude!”

– Review for Mexican Cooking Dude

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