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About Us

Bacon Hot Dog

The idea for Cooking Dude came about during the realization that many people aren't growing up helping in the kitchen the way it used to be. Complicated family schedules are even keeping families from eating together, much less helping in the food's preparation. So suddenly more and more people are finding themselves on their own without much of an idea of what to do about food, other than ordering in Chinese or a pizza.

Cooking Dude wants to help solve that dilemma by showing how rewarding, fun, and delicious it is to learn to cook food, whether it's for yourself, you and your spouse, or for company. You will not only eat better food, but it will be less costly and more healthful.

But we know there's a ton of stuff out there, and it can be confusing. You can spend a fortune in a cooking store, but what do you really need? Most every budget has limitations, but even if you're loaded, it's not right to waste it.

And what happens when shopping at the store? What is this vegetable I've never seen before? My friends said they liked steak; look at how many there are to choose from! And how do I avoid ruining it?

Never fear, Cooking Dude is here. I'll help you learn about food, recipes, preparation, methods, safety, appliances, and gadgets. I'll help you be unafraid to deviate from a recipe if you don't have all the ingredients, and how to modify it to experiment with new tastes. Pretty soon you'll be able to look in the fridge and figure out what you can make without making a special trip to the store.

So enjoy the site. I hope you'll have as much fun learning and cooking as I have!


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