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Tortilla Cups

Tortilla Cups Homemade by Cooking Dude

I make these little crispy tortilla cups out of flour tortillas, and they really taste great.

I originally saw a similar idea, with the tortilla pieces placed in a greased muffin tin. I tried that, and wasn't at all satisfied with the results. I needed a mold to hold the shape while the tortilla fried.

I went searching through the gadget department of a cooking shop, and spied a couple of inexpensive nesting food strainers. I picked up a couple of and realized this was the answer. Nested together with the tortilla between them, it made a perfect cup shape. I even flattened the bottom slightly so the cups would have a little base to sit on.

How to Make Tortilla Cups

The photo above shows the process. I usually use uncooked (raw) flour tortillas, but you can also use regular flour, or even corn tortillas if you want.

I cut a raw flour tortilla into quarters, and lay a piece over one of the strainers, and covered it with the other. Notice the slightly flattened bottom of the strainer on the right. Then a minute or two in hot oil (the tortilla stops bubbling when it's done) and there's a cup! Just use oil deep enough in a frying pan or sauce pot to cover the chip while it's frying. Of course you can also use a deep fat fryer.

Fill the cup with whatever you want. In the top photo, I've spooned in some warm beans (you can use home made or canned), a little chopped onion, shredded cheese, lettuce, and some Herdez Red salsa to make a mini bean tostada.

Use your imagination: put in seasoned ground beef, onion, cheese, lettuce, and salsa for a mini open taco. Or use chicken, shrimp, lobster, or crab (we're getting a little upper class here) for a more elegant (and expensive) appetizer.

These are so good even without a filling that you'll be surprised. And it doesn't have to be Mexican flavor, either. I'm sure you can think of Asian (chicken, soy sauce, cilantro), Thai (peanut sauce!), Italian (sausage, Marinara sauce), or other varieties for fun. Put out a bunch of condiments and let your guests invent their own. But pay attention; some of them might come up with something you'll want to remember!

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