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Fun With Flour Tortillas -- Lesson Seven

Homemade Tortilla Sweet Treat Bunuelos

Flour tortillas are for much more than just quesadillas! In this lesson, we're going to demonstrate how the humble tortilla can create several delicious snacks, for either appetizers, desserts, or breakfast.

First, make sure you find uncooked flour tortillas. They used to be hard to find, but now, in addition to CostCo, most supermarkets also carry them. They will be in a refrigerated section, not with the pre-cooked flour and corn tortillas.

In the photo, we show a treat we call Easy Bu˝uelos. Now you can make real bu˝uelos when you have the time, but these little treats that taste very much the same are far easier and faster to make.

Folding Flour Tortilla for Frying

These recipes all require frying the tortilla pieces in hot oil, so you have to be very careful. Depending on your age, you may need adult supervision. But in any case, you would be wise to read about safety hazards on the Kitchen Safety page.

Cutting Up Flour Tortilla for Frying

The first thing that started this was that we liked tacos made with fried flour tortillas, but whole uncooked flour tortillas are too big. So we discovered that we could fold them in quarters and trim an inch off the edge to make a smaller tortilla, more suitable for tacos.

Cutting Flour Tortilla for Bunuelos

But why waste the trimmings? By making a few more cuts, we wound up with chip-sized pieces that we fried for a few minutes, and then drained and salted. What a hit! These delicious little snacks were eaten about as fast as we could make them.

Right away, we thought of some alternatives. For example, sprinkling them with cinnamon gave us another delicious version. Well, of course after that we had to try powdered sugar, shown in the first picture above, and then we tried granulated sugar with cinnamon.

Eating a Bunuelo

All of these treats were delicious, and good as snacks, appetizers, dessert, or breakfast. For breakfast, they are nearly as good as beignets and a lot less work. Anyhow, the idea is to experiment and have fun! Like Morgan in the photo! ->

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